Mike Stickler Transforms Best-Selling Webinar Into Monthly Coaching Session

Due to the popularity of free webinar "The HeArt of Fundraising," Stickler has turned this one-time event into a monthly seminar.

People who missed out on free webinar The HeArt of Fundraising won’t have to worry.  Due to the popularity of the webinar, Mike Stickler - author, philanthropist, Pastor, and nonprofit coach – is transforming The HeArt of Fundraising into a monthly free webinar open to everyone.

The monthly HeArt of Fundraising webinar will continue to focus on helping nonprofits and ministries change the culture of fundraising and stewardship within their communities.

The HeArt of Fundraising had over 1000 participants, which was incredible to see,” Mike Stickler says with a smile. “It just shows how big of an issue it is for ministries and how this webinar filled an overwhelming demand.  Many pastors are uncomfortable with fundraising, but it plays a critical role in growing the ministry.

“That’s why I decided it’d be a great idea to make it a monthly session – so more leaders can continue to grow their ministries with these lessons!” he adds.

You can learn more about the new The HeArt of Fundraising webinar series here.

About Mike Stickler

 Mike Stickler is an author, consultant, philanthropist, Pastor and founder of the worldwide organizations The Vision Group Ltd.  He has over 20 years of experience helping nonprofits, ministries, and individuals achieve the funding they need to fulfill their vision. You can subscribe to Mike's Generous Living Magazine here.