Pastors: Get Ready To Give The Ultimate Gift This Christmas

Mike Stickler is still giving away free copies of his best-selling book, "A Journey to Generosity: 41 Days to a Generous Life".

Pastors, imagine being able to give the ultimate gift to your ministry this Christmas.  Imagine helping your ministry understanding the transformative powers of generosity.  Imagine helping members of your church discover what it means to be a truly generous and giving Christian.

Christmas is the season for giving – and author, pastor, and fundraising expert Mike Stickler is giving away free copies of his book, “A Journey to Generosity: 41 Days to a Generous Life”. The giveaway started on November 21st, and it’s still going strong, making this the perfect gift for pastors looking to teach their ministries an incredibly life-changing lesson.

“Pastors and ministers across America are discovering something incredible,” Stickler says.  “This book isn’t just a gift you can give at Christmas – it’s a gift that your ministry can enjoy and learn from year round.

“These generosity challenges will reinvigorate your ministry, unlocking the kind of giving and love that can help exponentially grow your church,” he adds.

“A Journey to Generosity: 41 Days to a Generous Life” provides a practical and faithful tour of the fundamental principles of a life that’s steeped in the practices of generous giving.  Each daily devotional is designed to refresh and challenge readers in an exciting and eye-opening way.

You can claim your free copy of “A Journey to Generosity: 41 Days to a Generous Life” here.  The giveaway will wrap up after Christmas, meaning you only have a few more days to claim your free copy.

About Mike Stickler

Mike Stickler is an author, consultant, philanthropist, Pastor and founder of the worldwide organizations The Vision Group Ltd.  He has over 20 years of experience helping nonprofits, ministries, and individuals achieve the funding they need to fulfill their vision. You can subscribe to Mike's Generous Living Magazine here.